About AMC

The essence of the Aloemastercare products is to provide consumers with skincare products that are completely natural. Our core values when developing a product is that it must be of the highest quality, delivering the finest product to the consumer. We have stringent quality control procedures from cultivation, harvesting and production of all our products. The products are manufactured in a controlled environment to prevent any contamination.


Step 1

Aloe plants are grown naturally on our own aloe farm situated in the Western Cape regions of South Africa. Plants are carefully selected to be used in the production process for all our products.


Step 2

Our trained specialists extract all the natural properties from the aloe ferox plant, theses aloe extracts are used in the production of all our aloe products. Extraction occurs in a controlled environment to ensure that there is no contamination. All our products comply with international quality standards.



Step 3

Regular sampling is done at our quality testing centre to ensure all products meet regulatory standards.